Microsoft Headquarters

Microsoft Headquarters & Research Building, Cambridge

Established in 1997, the Microsoft search Cambridge laboratory was Microsoft Corporation’s first research laboratory established outside America. More than 100 researchers work in computer research at the lab.

Hardwood Sales supplied solid American Cherry hardwood for the new 83,000 sq ft building which was used for the door frames, timber skirtings and architraves throughout. Hand-picked for its aesthetics and high performance, this wood was perfectly in keeping with the requirements of the architect and in keeping with the design values of the project.

Native to Eastern America, this Cherry hardwood boasts a fine texture and close, straight grain making it easy to hand work and machine, whilst offering excellent smooth, finishing properties. The heartwood is a light pinkish brown when freshly cut, but darkens to a warm golden brown with time.

A highly prized hardwood, it is used for a vast array of interior applications such as high-end furniture, flooring, doors, frames, joinery and timber mouldings.