Connaught Hotel, Mayfair, London

The Connaught is an elegant 5 star luxury hotel in the heart of Mayfair known for its world famous levels of service.

Hardwood was delighted to be invited to supply the hotel with specially selected solid Black Walnut as part of a £70 million restoration project.

Selected for its tough, hard timber of medium density, walnut is easy to work and machine to an exceptional finish. These attributes, coupled with the unique aesthetic and luxurious quality of the wood, made it the perfect choice for this project. It is why Walnut is so often the first choice in the crafting of high end furniture, cabinet making, joinery and flooring.

Our carefully sourced walnut was used for over 400 doorsets with a mix of panel styles and timber skirtings which today stand proud amongst this elegant hotel’s various works of art and antiques.