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Douglas Fir


The sapwood is generally narrow usually less than 50mm wide and lighter in colour than the heartwood which is light reddish-brown in colour. The abrupt change and contrast in colour between early-wood and late-wood bands, produce a prominent growth ring figure.

Other Names
British Columbian Pine, Oregon Pine
Physical Properties
A very strong wood in relation to its weight and by comparison with European Redwood is about 60% stiffer, 30% stronger in bending and in compression along the grain, and about 40% harder and resistant to suddenly applied loads.
Main Uses
Joinery Exterior & Interior, Cladding, Structural use, Flooring.
Works readily and fairly easily, but with a slight dulling effect on cutting edges, With care a good finish is obtainable, and the wood can be nailed, screwed, glued, stained and polished satisfactory.
Other Info
Resin canals tend to bleed with small pin head exudations if the wood dries further in service, Care should be taken to ensure that timber intended for internal use is kiln dried to a suitable moisture content.