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Utile still has an interlocking grain like other African species, giving it an alternating light and dark banded look.

Utile is probably the Genuine Mahogany alternative that most closely resembles the wood which it is so often used to replace.

Other Names
timbi, assang-assie, m’vovo, tshimai rouge/noir, ogipogo and ubilesan.
Physical Properties
Reddish-brown and extremely resistant.
Main Uses
Utile is an appealing wood with many uses, including furniture and cabinetry, interior and exterior joinery for doors and window frames, countertops, decorative veneers and plywood. The wood is also used in boat construction and planking, domestic flooring, musical instruments and sports equipment. Utile is used in general construction and paneling.
utile will work well with hand or machine tools, Utile finishes well — filling the grain is recommended to attain the best finish.
Other Info
A nice mahogany-like wood, probably a bit more red in tone than sapele, with a more open pore, but overall it is similar to sapele.