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European Oak


Other Names
Quercus robur and Quercus petraea
Physical Properties
European oak one is of the world's best natural resources with excellent strength properties, European Oak is now back in fashion and here to stay for many years
Main Uses
Flooring ,Furniture, claddings kitchen cabinets, interior and exterior joinery a very hard wearing specie with endless applications, the general colour is light brown to golden and classed as durable with a density of 695 kg/m3, most of the oldest buildings to date are constructed with European oak
European Oak machines well and rated as durable giving it a mixture of uses, generally has an amount of quarter sawn and crown cut boards with each parcel, can be offered in kiln dried ,air dried and fresh sawn, Superb to work with screwing and nailing needs to be pre drilled
Other Info
Will tend to darken over time, European oak can be offered with a mixture of grades available from Prime to character can also be offered with FSC® or PEFC certification