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Western Red Cedar


The sapwood is narrow and white in colour and the heartwood is reddish-brown. When freshly felled the heartwood often displays a marked variation in colour but after drying assumes a more uniform reddish-brown tone

Physical Properties
The wood is non resinous, straight grained, somewhat coarse textured and exhibits a fairly prominent growth-ring figure. It is soft, rather brittle, aromatic, especially when wet and light in weight. An acidic timber which may corrode metals under damp conditions and cause iron staining
Main Uses
Cladding, Decking, Joinery-Exterior
Thin sizes dry readily with little degrade, the timber holds its position well after drying with no tendency to warp and check, while movement due to shrinking and swelling in changing atmosphere is small.
Other Info
After long exposure to weather the colour is lost and the wood becomes silver grey