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    Hardwood Sales LTD are proud to be involved in the transformation of the iconic Grade I listed former Midland Bank Headquarters in the city of London. Originally designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, the new flagship 6-star hotel boasts 252 suites of varying sizes, restaurants, rooftop bar, health spa & gym and event space.

    vault-doorThe renowned Bank Vault of the Midland Bank HQ featured in James Bond’s Goldfinger, will be the entrance to the new underground bar.

    Hardwood Sales LTD is suppling Beautiful American and European hardwoods of various species to complement the existing interior during the restoration. Work on this famous building will focus on maintaining the astonishing features, carrying out delicate restoration of listed components. While major internal structural modifications ensure the building will last for decades to come as well as being fit for purpose, all accompanied by high quality fit out throughout the entire building.


    This week work started on the new extension to our Machining Mill, following investment in early 2016 and early success in production. With the workload soon outweighing our size capacity, the decision was made to further significantly invest in our Mill production with an additional £1 million devoted to the continuous growth to this side of the business.

    We plan to double our machining capability over the next few months, adding a huge 15,000sqft unit to house new lacquer line rollers, moulders and multi rip machines. With this development, Hardwood Sales LTD hopes to employ between 8 - 10 new people to join our ever expanding team.




    Following substantial investment our new machining facility is now commissioned and have increased capacity to produce both standard and bespoke machined hardwoods in a wide range of species and patterns.



    Hardwood Sales have added further investment to the business with the addition of two new forklifts making the vehicle loading quicker and more efficient.


    Hardwood Sales Ltd supplied various hardwoods for the tip-to-toe £220 million refurbishment of the world famous Savoy Hotel in London's Strand. The timber Hard Maple, Sycamore, and Mahogany was specially selected to be used for the door frames as part of the three year project led by world-renowned interior designer Pierre Ybes Rochon.

    savoy-london-2Hard maple, otherwise known as 'sugar maple' and 'rock maple' is a North American hardwood that varies in colour between the creamy white sapwood which has a reddish brown tinge and the darker reddish brown heartwood. The beauty of this species is in its hard, heavy nature which provides excellent strength properties and high resistance to wear, making it ideal for door frames. Other uses for hard maple are flooring, furniture, stairs, handrails and timber mouldings (view our range of hard maple timber mouldings here). It's hard wearing properties also make it perfect for high traffic flooring such as in theatres and gymnasiums.

    Hardwood Sales Ltd provide a range of timber mouldings in solid hard maple & mahogany to buy online and also the ability to buy a range of stunning timber species cut to size to fit your requirements. You can view or 'buy-online' range using the links below. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss an upcoming project with bespoke requirements, please contact us here to speak to a member of our expert team.

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    Hardwood Sales Ltd supplied solid American Cherry hardwood for the new Microsoft Headquarters and Research building in Cambridge.

    Our timber was utilised for the door frames throughout the 83,500 square foot office building and solid American Cherry had the ideal aesthetic and performance characteristics to suit the architects requirements and in-keeping with the design values of the project.

    microsoft-hq-cambridge2American Cherry, native to Eastern USA and also known as 'Black Cherry' boasts a find texture and close, straight grain making it easy to hand work and machine, whilst offering excellent smooth, finishing properties. The heartwood is a light pinkish brown when freshly cut, but darkens to a warm golden brown with time. This highly prized hardwood is used for a vast array of interior applications such as high end furniture, flooring, doors / frames, joinery and timber mouldings (view our range of hard American Cherry timber mouldings here).

    Hardwood Sales Ltd provide a range of timber mouldings in solid American Cherry to buy online. You can view our 'buy-online' range using the links below. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss an upcoming project with bespoke requirements, please contact us here to speak to a member of our expert team.

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    "We are delighted to announce Duchenne Now as Hardwood Sales Ltd nominated charity of the year. We have initially donated £10,000 to the charity, which is very close to our hearts,  as we all have children and a cure must be discovered." commented company owner Tony Collins this afternoon.

    Duchenne Now, which launched in 2012, is dedicated to finding and funding treatments and an eventual cure for all living with Duchenne. You can learn more about the charity on their website here: http://www.duchennenow.org/

    Duchenne's muscular dystrophy is a condition which causes muscle weakness, typically in children. Historically, most boys who have it do not survive beyond their mid-twenties, and those that do will be wheelchair bound by their early teens. 

    Our donations will go towards helping Duchenne Now with their ongoing research into finding a cure, whilst also providing much needed funds for treatments, medications and equipment to improve the quality of life for Duchenne sufferers. 

    How can you help?

    Duchenne Now is a registered charity (1146355) and you can donate directly through their Just Giving page (https://www.justgiving.com/duchennenow/), where you can also contact them to discuss fundraising opportunities. Duchenne Now guarantee that every penny raised goes to research to find a treatment for Duchenne.


    Hardwood Sales Ltd supplied  specially selected solid walnut for the £70 million restoration of the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair London, one of London's foremost five-star hotels. 

    This specially selected timber was used for over 400 doorsets, with a mix of panel styles, standing proud amongst the various works of art and antiques dotted around this elegant hotel.

    Solid walnut, is a tough, hard timber of medium density, which is easy to work and machine to an exceptional finish. These attributes, coupled with the unique aesthetic luxurious quality of the walnut made it the perfect choice for the project and why used for high-end furniture, cabinet making, joinery and flooring. It is also ideal for architectural timber mouldings, including architraves and timber skirting. 

    Hardwood Sales Ltd provide a range of timber mouldings in  walnut to buy online and also the ability to buy this stunning species of timber cut to size to fit your requirements. You can view of 'buy-online' range using the links below. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss an upcoming project with bespoke requirements, please contact us here to speak to a member of our expert team. 

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    Hardwood Sales Ltd  supplied solid cherry and american oak for the restoration project of the Celtic Manor Resort's luxurious Club House. The world class resort boasts a championship golf course, which hosted the 2010 Ryder cup, 2 hotels, a plethora of restaurants, as well as a health club and spa. 

    The project specified the highest quality hardwood with a focus on creating a truly individual finish expressing both contemporary and traditional styles, in-keeping with the stunning resort and natural beauty of the local area.  

    The timber was used for the bespoke solid timber, dual faced doorsets, with one side being cherry and the other american oak, creating a truly distinctive finish. 

    Solid cherry, otherwise known as 'American Black Cherry' is a wood of medium density with good wood bending properties and good shock resistance. Its primary uses are for high-class furniture, joinery, cabinet making, doors and timber mouldings such as architraves and timber skirtings. The subtle range of red tones found in the heartwood have made this species very fashionable for many high end applications.

    American White Oak, otherwise known as 'Northern white oak' So, is a hard and heavy species of wood with medium bending and crushing strength, with good overall strength, meaning that it is increasingly used by architects and designers in structural applications. Its primary uses are furniture, flooring, architectural joinery, doors and mouldings. 

    If you would like to discuss an upcoming project and the supply of high quality hardwood in a variety of species, please contact us here.

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    Hardwood Sales is proud to have supplied a range of timber, including walnut and European Oak for the Shard in London.

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